Powerhouse Museum

Visiting the Powerhouse Museum until 30 June 2020

The Powerhouse Museum in Ultimo will remain open to the community until June 2021 with a staged closure commencing from July 2020. The Powerhouse Museum remaining open in Ultimo longer allows the community to continue to engage with the Museum and its incredible collection. During this period the Powerhouse will continue to present a vibrant and diverse cultural program that will engage communities with arts, science and creativity.

Visiting the Powerhouse Museum post 30 June 2020

From July 2020 to June 2021, the community will be able to access the Museum via the Harris Street entrance when the Goods Line entrance is closed. The Museum’s program of temporary exhibitions, education programs, Lab digital workshops, Members’ Lounge and its café and store will continue to operate until June 2021. The Museum’s permanent exhibitions will close in June 2020. Following 2021, a targeted community and regional program will allow the Museum to continue to engage with the people of NSW.

PHM-Staged Closure Diagram

The Powerhouse Parramatta

The vision for the New Powerhouse will set a new benchmark in cultural placemaking for Greater Sydney and will be a symbol of a new approach to creative activity and engagement.  The New Powerhouse will be the sixth time that the Powerhouse has moved and transformed in response to the needs of a changing city.  More information about the New Powerhouse is on the New Powerhouse webpage.

The Government has previously announced the Business Case would be expanded to include an arts and cultural space in Ultimo so that it could consider the best possible use of the space at Ultimo. A masterplan will be developed for Ultimo followed by a rigorous Business Case process. When this is finalised an announcement will be made by Government.