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How to Connect

There are three options for you to connect to a MAAS Video Conference or VCx program.

1. Direct Connection

The simplest way to connect to MAAS is to use our software video conference system – ZOOM via Aarnet. This connection needs no software to be installed on your computer, and requires only a computer (PC or Mac) with an Internet connection, a webcam, and a microphone. You will receive an instructional email from us, where you simply click on the link to open a secure and private connection inside your web browser. ZOOM will automatically activate your machine’s camera and microphone.


A MAAS email with invite link. Click to join the virtual meeting room.



This MAAS home screen indicates you have successfully joined the virtual meeting room.

The home screen of a MAAS virtual meeting room


2. Via DART Connections (Department of Education NSW schools)

Department of Education NSW schools can connect from a Connected Classroom via DART Connections.

Simply visit DART Connections and select the program that suits you. Please note that you must both register with DART and book the video conference. Once booked, you will receive the number to dial using your video conferencing unit.

Can’t find a date that suits you? We may be able to offer additional sessions. Enquire at

Schools can connect via NSW DoE DART Connections

Schools can connect via NSW DoE DART connections

3. Direct Connection: hardware systems

Although we encourage the use of ZOOM for direct connections, connecting with HD-Telepresence equipment (Standards-based, H323) such as Cisco, Polycom, or Tandberg is easy. Let us know the number (IP address) of your system and we can call you at the time of your video conference, or add you to our white-list.