Generations Fellowship
Generations Fellowship: Tanaya

Current Fellow: Tanaya

I describe my music as contemporary RNB with elements of Trip-Hop as well as Dream Pop. I’ve been singing since I was a teenager and have recently begun to dabble with the piano, but generally I create all my music using Ableton.

Generations Fellowship - Tanaya

Generations Fellowship - Tanaya

On beginning the Fellowship

This month’s vibe was pretty hectic. However, over the course of the month it’s really started to come together. A big confidence boost was setting up the studio from getting furniture in, cables tagged and tested, organising lighting to create the vibe of a creative space and getting instruments set up for a live studio rehearsal space. Also getting a workstation makes it all feel like a major level up from making music out of my bedroom and learning how to best use the space to its max potential.

I’ve also had my friends come in whom I collaborate with and this has been the most fun part, their input being really helpful to slowly transforming the space. It’s all very exciting and I’m feeling ready to create and have fun and try new things in my creative practice; like becoming comfortable and confident working with others present as opposed to alone.

Generations Fellowship - Tanaya
Generations Studio. Photos courtesy of Tanaya.

Working with Astral People

In May I had my first meeting with Vic and Tom from Astral People, this session was an introduction on to the business side of the music industry and the functions of marketing in its various forms. There was a focus on process, gaining an insight into Astral People’s ways of working and what steps a label and touring-management company goes through in terms of managing artists and bringing international artists on tour. We also brainstormed through some of my demos and bounced ideas on how to evolve them. I received an outside perspective on my music and possible genres it could fit, or niches it could occupy.

In June we focused on live shows. Tom and Vic answered my questions about how artists manage and prepare for the changing acoustics of rooms in live settings, especially the often drastic change from soundcheck to the real show when there are just so many more bodies filling the room and absorbing the sound – making it less full and reverberated. Tom and Vic also encouraged me to start creating mood boards and thinking of the live show as a holistic experience; the visual to be matching the sound and the importance of being aligned with all band members to bring forward a cohesive presentation of your music.